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Then & Now: Rediscovering The Great World Singapore

Updated: Apr 17

Great World (Credit TimeOut)
Great World (Credit TimeOut)

Join us on a captivating journey through the corridors of history as we unravel the tale of The Great World Singapore. Nestled in the beating heart of our vibrant city, this iconic landmark is more than bricks – it's a living tapestry that weaves together the rich threads of Singapore's past and present. Ready to embark on this time-traveling escapade?

Overview of the Great World Singapore

Great World typically includes a supermarket, making it convenient for visitors to purchase groceries and everyday necessities. Additionally, the mall provides various services, including banking facilities, beauty salons, and more. Great World is well-connected by public transportation, including buses and taxis. Visitors can easily access the mall from different parts of Singapore. Great World aims to offer a comprehensive shopping and lifestyle experience, catering to the diverse preferences of its visitors. The mall's ambiance, design, and amenities contribute to its popularity among locals and tourists alike.

Great World (Credit Life Style Asia)
Great World (Credit Life Style Asia)

The Great World's Storied Past

Great World, formerly known as Great World City, represents a mixed-use development comprising a 6-storey shopping mall, two 18-storey office towers, and a 35-storey serviced apartment tower located in Singapore's Central Area. This significant complex was completed in October 1997, marking the transformation of the site from the iconic Great World Amusement Park.

Upon its initial opening, Great World City featured key establishments, including an OG department store (which closed its doors in 2003), a Golden Village cinema, a Food Junction food court, a Cold Storage supermarket, and an extensive array of more than 130 specialty shops. Notably, the Golden Village cinema at Great World City played a pioneering role by introducing Singapore's first premium cinema concept, Gold Class, and incorporating a short-lived IMAX hall.

The development of Great World not only revitalized the location but also established itself as a comprehensive hub for retail, entertainment, and business activities. Over the years, it has evolved to meet the changing needs of the community while preserving its role as a prominent landmark in Singapore's urban landscape.

Great World Then (Credit Visit Tiong Bahru)
Great World Then (Credit Visit Tiong Bahru)

The Great World Today: A Harmonious Blend of Heritage and Modernity

Fast forward to today. Great World continues to serve as a prominent shopping destination, offering a diverse range of retail outlets. Visitors can explore a mix of international and local brands, fashion stores, electronics shops, and lifestyle stores. The complex features a variety of dining options, including cafes, restaurants, and food courts. Additionally, entertainment options include a cinema, providing moviegoers with a modern and comfortable venue to enjoy the latest films. Great World City is likely to provide essential services and amenities, such as banking facilities, beauty salons, a supermarket (possibly Cold Storage), and other conveniences for shoppers.

Great World City has likely undergone updates and renovations to maintain a contemporary atmosphere and align with changing consumer preferences. In 2018, the mall initiated its inaugural major renovation to coincide with the imminent opening of the Great World MRT station and other developments in the vicinity. This comprehensive overhaul was successfully completed and the mall was officially reopened in late 2020. Renovation efforts encompassed a restructuring of the interior layout, introducing "dual level retail pods" in one of its atriums, and widening walkways to enhance accessibility.

As part of this transformation, Food Junction found a new home on Level 3, occupying a section of the former Amazonia space. Concurrently, Amazonia, an indoor playground for children, underwent its own revamp during this period and reopened its doors in December 2019. To complement the existing Cold Storage supermarket, the Japanese supermarket chain Meidi-Ya was introduced on Basement 2 in 2019. Notably, the mall continued its operations seamlessly throughout the renovation process.

Adding to the enhancements, the Great World MRT station commenced operations on November 13, 2022, providing convenient access for mall-goers. This strategic development positions Great World City as a modern and well-connected hub, meeting the expectations of contemporary urban lifestyles.

Location and Opening Hours

The Great World Singapore awaits at 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994, a portal to history beckoning visitors throughout the week from 10 Am to 9 Pm. 


As our odyssey through the then and now of The Great World Singapore concludes, we stand witness to a remarkable metamorphosis. Beyond bricks and mortar, The Great World emerges as a testament to Singapore's commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing the dynamism of the present. Dear time traveler, venture forth to The Great World – where every step echoes with the whispers of history and the spirit of a bygone era is revived for the discerning contemporary soul. Unveil the tales of Singapore's heritage, step into history, and traverse the evolution – The Great World beckons, one story at a time.

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