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Meaningful national education through
interactive, experiential learning
Learning journeys grant insight into our nation’s past and present. They help students understand their roots so that they can better shape their future. 


Our heritage and learning journeys for schools are designed specifically to help young minds with this exploration of self and environment. Whether virtually or outdoors, we craft meaningful and unforgettable experiences that facilitate their discovery.

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Virtual Learning Journeys

Experienced and animated guides bring the outdoors into your classroom

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Outdoor Learning Journeys

Immersive and possibility-filled treks to stimulate hungry minds

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Adventure Trails

Highly engaging experiences for those who learn best through action

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What to Expect from Our Virtual Learning Journeys

Hybrid learning to suit the

new norm

The same benefits as a classic learning journey, just held virtually

Facilitated learning experience via an expert tour guide on livestream

Opportunities to build national knowledge and pride

Interactive virtual tour that lets you “follow” and talk to the guide

Curated to meet your institution’s curriculum objectives

In-depth exploration of historical/ culturally significant parts of Singapore

RBP-Jiemin Primary Little India Learning Journey 1.jpg

What to Expect from Our Outdoor Learning Journeys

Countless opportunities to explore and make discoveries

Revelations and rediscovery of Singapore’s historical and cultural landmarks

Learning activities beyond the classroom

Curated to meet your institution’s curriculum objectives

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What to Expect from Our Interactive Adventure Trails

Ideal as a national education tour and team-building activity

Teamwork-based tasks to complete objectives and missions

Opportunities for educators to lead by example

Insight into the efforts of our forefathers and early immigrants

Chances for personal discovery for educators on what it means to be Singaporean



Virtual Learning Journey -
Fort Canning

Thank you once again for conducting the Learning Journey for our P3 students to Fort Canning last week. Many have come to me and said they enjoyed the session even though they did not get to do the learning journey physically this year. We found it engaging and your team has amazing coordination. The activities designed are pegged according to the students’ level and achievable.

- Ms Quek,

Pei Tong Primary School

Outdoor Learning Journey -
Little India

The Little India Learning Journey conducted by Lion Heartlanders was indeed enriching and engaging! The students were able to learn about the heritage and history of the various sites through observations of the environment and experiential activities. It was definitely a different kind of experience as compared to the other guided learning journey.

- Ms Koh,

Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Interactive Adventure Trail

The adventure trail on Survivors and Saboteurs conducted by Lion Heartlanders was both education and an engaging experience for the staff. The facilitators were pleasant and professional in their conducting of the various site activities, and the staff had an enriching learning experience overall. 

- Ms Kang,

Fuhua Primary School


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Want to better tailor your students’ learning experiences? Talk to us to learn more about customising learning journeys in Singapore for your students.

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