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Fun national education tours for businesses
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Specially Curated Tours

Our programmes are carefully designed to maximise engagement, interactivity and enjoyment!

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Experienced And Interactive Tour Managers

With years of experience in tourism and event organisation, our staff know exactly how to run your tours so you get a smooth and fun session.

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Activity-Based Team Bonding

We provide experiences that encourage creativity, communication, and the development of rapport within your team.

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Plan Your Team Bonding Activity With Us

Our Activities for Government Organisations and Corporates


If you’re looking for interactive and engaging team bonding activities, tours are a great way to achieve this.


A wisely crafted tour can strengthen camaraderie in your team and promote the idea of a shared team vision. This aids collaboration and cooperation back in the workplace, enhancing productivity in the organisation.

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Enjoy “Live” Virtual Tours

Follow professional guides through a live video stream as they traverse the island. You can also participate in games with them, such as bingo!

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National Education Guided Walks

Do a deep dive into our country’s foundations. Whether it’s about Singapore’s defence or stewardship of resources, our walks unveil the pillars on which our country stands.

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National Education Guided Bus Tours

Explore key locations that shaped and continue to shape Singapore’s path. Our guides can help you feel more connected to our home than ever before.

Customise your own tour today.


Speak with us about your specific learning outcomes, and let us curate a tour for your team today.

Notable Projects We’ve Done

At Lion Heartlanders, we’re more than capable of going beyond your typical one-off team bonding tour. In fact, we can even cater to those who prefer recurring projects and regular corporate events. 


The projects below show how we can customise tours and services to suit your needs. No matter the project, we work closely with our customers to ensure that objectives and goals are met, managing everything from planning to execution.

Virtual Learning Journey & Team Building Event @ Kyoto
Client: MOE Primary School For Teachers


A primary school engaged us to conduct a programme for Teachers’ Learning Day. The goal was to help their staff learn about Kyoto’s culture and folklore.


Key comparisons were also made between Singapore and Japan on topics like ageing populations, sustainability practices as well as Covid-19 responses and lifestyles.


We provided a Japanese-themed programme together with a local guide based in Kyoto. The latter served as participants’ eyes and ears in the actual Japanese city.


We also rounded up the session with a Super-Mario-Bros-themed Pixel Art activity. Participants worked together to recreate the image of the iconic Japanese video game character.

SAF National Education Tour With A Twist
Client: Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)


A Ground-based Air Defence unit wanted to celebrate CNY by helping their servicemen learn more about Chinese culture and customs. We created and conducted a programme for them that met their needs.


In addition to presenting classic Chinese customs related to CNY, we also provided them with our Bingo-Add feature. It combines household Bingo mechanics with our virtual tour experience.


By keeping participants on the lookout for Bingo numbers or words throughout the tour, we ensured consistent interaction between participants and our guide. The unit stated that all learning objectives were met too and that the servicemen had fun at the same time.


Our Clients

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