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Changi Airport Terminal 1: A Transformation Through Time

Updated: 4 days ago

T1 Changi Airport (Credit Wikimedia Commons)
T1 Changi Airport (Credit Wikimedia Commons)

Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 1 (T1) boasts a rich history, evolving alongside the nation's aviation industry. It is a symbol of how far aviation has come in Singapore. From its humble start to becoming a modern wonder, T1 has seen it all. In this blog, we'll take a journey through the changes T1 has gone through over the years and how it's played a huge part in making Changi Airport known worldwide.

Humble Beginnings (1971-1990s)

T1 opened its doors in 1971, serving as the sole terminal for Singapore's growing air traffic. Initially serving as the primary terminal, T1 provided essential amenities to a limited number of airlines and destinations. However, its modest facilities were a far cry from the opulent offerings synonymous with Changi today.

The Expansion Era (1990s-2000s)

As Singapore's aviation sector boomed, Changi embarked on an expansion spree.  T1 wasn't left behind. New concourses were added, increasing capacity and allowing the terminal to accommodate more airlines and passengers. This era also saw the introduction of innovative concepts like the world's first airport movie theater, a sign of Changi's commitment to providing a unique travel experience.

Facing Realities (2000s-2012)

The early 2000s saw the opening of the more modern Terminals 2 and 3. While these terminals offered a wider array of shops and restaurants, T1 faced the challenge of competing for passengers. To address this, Changi Airport embarked on a refurbishment project for T1 in 2006.

Reinvention and Staying Relevant (2012-Present)

The refurbishment project breathed new life into T1. The terminal adopted a nature theme, incorporating greenery and water features to create a calming and refreshing ambience for passengers. Functional areas were revamped to improve passenger flow and overall comfort.

Today, T1 remains a vital part of Changi Airport, catering to low-cost carriers and regional airlines. It continues to offer a comfortable and efficient travel experience, while retaining a touch of its historical significance.

Terminal 1 Changi Airport (Credit Travel Daily Media)
Terminal 1 Changi Airport (Credit Travel Daily Media)

Famous Jewel Changi and T1

Jewel Changi, an iconic leisure destination nestled within Changi Airport, shares a symbiotic relationship with T1, offering seamless connectivity and convenience to travelers. Some of the must-visit places in Jewel Changi are HSBC Rain Vortex, Shiseido Forest Valley, Canopy Park, Petal Garden, Changi Experience Studio and Topiary Walk.  Here's how T1 and Jewel Changi are intricately linked:

Direct Access

Passengers arriving at T1 can easily access Jewel Changi through a direct link located at the Arrival Hall on Level 1. This seamless transition allows travelers to seamlessly explore Jewel's myriad attractions without the need for additional transportation.

Clear Signage

Changi Airport's renowned navigation system ensures passengers can effortlessly navigate their way from T1 to Jewel. Clear signage featuring the distinctive Jewel logo guides travelers along the designated route, facilitating a hassle-free journey.

Short Walk

The proximity between T1's Arrival Hall and Jewel's entrance translates into a brief stroll for passengers, making it convenient to explore Jewel's diverse offerings, including restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

In addition to arrivals, passengers departing from T1 can also access Jewel with ease. While there's no direct connection from the Departure Hall, travelers can utilize elevators to descend to Level 1 and follow the signage leading to Jewel's entrance.

Jewel at Changi Airport (Credit Velvet Escape)
Jewel at Changi Airport (Credit Velvet Escape)


From its modest inception to its current status as a cornerstone of Changi Airport's infrastructure, Terminal 1 has undergone a remarkable transformation, reflecting Singapore's aviation journey. As T1 continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of travelers, its enduring legacy remains deeply intertwined with the success story of Changi Airport.

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