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Singapore Courts

State Courts Guided Tour


Project Brief:

Lion Heartlanders has been appointed as the official tour operator for the Singapore State Court.

The State Court Tour is a free guided walking tour lasting 2 hours that enables visitors to explore the State Courts building and educates visitors on Singapore’s Judiciary system. The tour encompasses visits to various parts of the State Court building, such as the State Courts Heritage Gallery where visitors will get to discover iconic leadership figures throughout the years of Singapore’s Judiciary System & the Mentions Court where visitors can also get a chance to attend a live court hearing. Slots for the State Cour Tours are only opened on the 1st day of every month at 0800H.

Our Services:

- Planning of itinerary
- Tour Organisation
- Script Writing
- Tour Guiding
- Trail booklet design 
- Reflections session to ensure goals were met
- Management of post-tour feedback from participants
- Adaptation of the tour to reach objectives
- Design of souvenirs for the trip 
- Design of cultural activities
- Meeting educational objectives
- Team-building elements

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