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Singapore Armed Forces

National Education & Team-Building Event


Project Brief:

This tour was arranged to celebrate Deepavali with the SAF’s servicemen while helping them learn about Indian culture. 
They also requested something different from the usual cultural walks and to hold the event at Gardens by the Bay. 
With the brief in mind, Lion Heartlanders designed an interactive Amazing-Race experience with activities related to Indian culture. These included flower garland making, saree tying, and henna design.
All activities were linked to the location chosen to make full use of it and facilitate exploration of the various types of flora in the area.

Our Services:

- Planning of itinerary
- Tour Organisation
- Script Writing
- Tour Guiding
- Trail booklet design 
- Reflections session to ensure goals were met
- Management of post-tour feedback from participants
- Adaptation of the tour to reach objectives
- Design of souvenirs for the trip 
- Design of cultural activities
- Meeting educational objectives
- Team-building elements

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