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National Heritage Board

Monumental Walks


Project Brief:

Monumental Walking Tours are thematic tours specially created by the National Heritage Board (NHB). They are led by guides who are passionate heritage enthusiasts, keen to share about the beautiful architectural features of Singapore’s National Monuments and the importance of these treasured buildings. Watch history come alive in front of you as you discover hidden gems of Singapore’s past.

Our Services:

Monumental Walk 1
Throughout history, people have erected statues and sculptures in honour of men and women of valour, courage and sacrifice. Tall, impressive and often austere - what do these memorials actually stand for? Who, or what, are we meant to remember?
Discover the symbolism in each memorial’s design as well as the hidden stories behind each sculpture and engraving. More importantly, learn about the heroes who sacrificed themselves for Singapore, lest we forget.

Monumental Walk 2
Join this tour of colonial buildings along the lifeline of 19th century Singapore – the Singapore River – and discover the two different worlds that existed on opposite sides of the river in colonial Singapore.

Monumental Walk 3
Go on a trail of religious monuments along Telok Ayer Street to experience the bustling street life, diversity and harmony of architectural styles and religions that continue to exist even today! Discover how these places shows how blessed Singapore has been and how far it has come as an immigrant society.

Monumental Walk 4
Five stars and a crescent. Red and white. Majulah Singapura! We think we know what they mean. But do we really?
Hear the stories of how our National Symbols came about: learn about our pioneer leaders’ ideals and aspirations for Singapore, the inspirations behind the symbols, and how three of our National Monuments witnessed the birth of the National Symbols – the flag, the anthem, the pledge and the crest.

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