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Ministry of Education (MOE HQ)

MOE Branch Learning & Team Bonding Day


Project Brief:

LHL was invited to organise Learning Day for the MOE HQ. We were asked specifically to explore the use of innovation and technology to enhance curriculum planning and implementation.
We originally arranged for this to be done through a visit to the Changi experience studio. Tech-based team-building activities were planned.
Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the trip to the studio was postponed. Due to the limitations enforced by the government on physical gatherings, we had to pivot to an online/virtual event.
We streamed a virtual tour of One-North and Singapore Harbour. This was accompanied by online team-building activities.
This shows the Lion Heartlanders’ ability to adapt to new circumstances and our tour experts’ creativity when thinking of new ways to reach objectives.

Our Services:

- Planning of itinerary
- Tour Organisation
- Script Writing
- Tour Guiding

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