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Grace and Growth: The Journey of Christianity in Singapore

Christianity (Credit Getty Image)
Christianity (Credit Getty Image)

The rich tapestry of Singapore's religious landscape is a captivating mosaic where various faiths have found their place. Amid this harmonious blend, Christianity stands as a cornerstone. Our journey through the history of Christianity in Singapore will unravel its profound impact, from its early roots to the enduring presence it maintains today. Singapore's religious landscape is a vivid illustration of coexistence and cooperation among diverse faiths. In this blog post, we'll explore how Christianity, with its diverse denominations, contributes to the nation's social fabric and cultural heritage.

Religion in Singapore

Before we delve into the Christian narrative, it's essential to appreciate the rich tapestry of religions that have made Singapore their home. This dynamic city-state thrives on the harmonious coexistence of various faiths, where diversity is celebrated. Christianity stands tall among the array of religions in Singapore. However, it shares this vibrant landscape with Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and various other belief systems. Each of these faiths contributes to the nation's cultural and spiritual mosaic, shaping the daily lives of its people. Religious tolerance and understanding form the backbone of Singapore's society, where individuals of different faiths live side by side. This acceptance has fostered a unique atmosphere where interfaith interactions are common, and diverse religious festivals and celebrations are observed with respect and enthusiasm.

Christians in Singapore

Christians in Singapore constitute a significant portion of the country's resident population, with the most recent census conducted in 2020 revealing that they make up 18.9% of the nation. This statistic establishes Christianity as the second-largest religion in the country, coming after Buddhism and before Islam.

In the year 2020, a detailed breakdown of the Christian community showed that approximately 37.1% identified as Catholic, while the remaining 62.9% fell under the label of 'Other Christians'. This diverse category mainly comprises Protestant denominations, with some identifying as Orthodox or adhering to other minority Christian branches. The Christian presence in Singapore has evolved significantly over the years, contributing to the nation's cultural and religious diversity. As a vital part of the social fabric, Christians in Singapore continue to play a significant role in the nation's ongoing development and its spirit of interfaith cooperation.

Christianity (Credit CNN)
Christianity (Credit CNN)

Early Christian Presence in Singapore

Tracing the Roots: Arrival of Christianity

The arrival of European colonizers marked a significant turning point in Singapore's history, and it was during this era that the Christian faith first set foot on the island. These early European settlers brought with them not only their commerce but also their religious beliefs. Their missionary efforts were pivotal in introducing the local population to the tenets of Christianity. These missionaries, driven by their faith and zeal, began spreading the gospel, aiming to convert the indigenous people to their newfound beliefs.

The arrival of Christianity in Singapore was a complex interplay of trade, colonization, and faith. It was a time of cultural exchange, where the indigenous beliefs and customs of the region intersected with the teachings of Christianity. This interaction would set the stage for the growth and development of Christianity in Singapore, shaping the religious landscape of the nation for generations to come.

Arrival of Christianity (Credit Vecteezy)
Arrival of Christianity (Credit Vecteezy)

Missionary Movements: Spreading the Faith

As missionaries arrived, their mission was clear: to spread the Christian gospel throughout the region. This marked the beginning of the Christian presence in Singapore and ignited a transformative era in the nation's history. These missionaries, driven by unwavering faith and zeal, embarked on journeys that took them to every corner of the island. They were passionate about introducing the local population to the Christian faith, with the hope of converting them to their newfound beliefs. The tales of their arduous travels and tireless efforts to convey the message of Christianity still echo through the annals of history.

The arrival of these missionaries not only left an indelible mark on Singapore's religious landscape but also influenced the cultural and social fabric of the nation. Their missionary movements played a pivotal role in shaping the spiritual identity of Singapore and continue to be celebrated as an integral part of its history.

Establishing Churches ⛪︎

In the annals of Singapore's history, the early Christian community emerges as a symbol of unwavering determination. Faced with myriad challenges, their resilience and deep faith paved the way for the establishment of the first Christian churches in Singapore. These places of worship transcended mere physical structures; they became sanctuaries for believers and the cornerstone of the Christian faith in the region. These early churches not only provided solace and spiritual nourishment but also served as centers of community life. As the number of churches grew, they became pillars of the faith, representing the enduring commitment of the Christian community. The establishment of these churches signified a profound transformation in the religious landscape of Singapore and marked the beginning of a spiritual journey that continues to thrive to this day.

Calvery Baptist Church Singapore (Credit Calvery Baptist Church)
Calvery Baptist Church Singapore (Credit Calvery Baptist Church)

1. Diocese of Singapore ⛪︎

The Diocese of Singapore is a unifying force, encompassing 27 parishes within the confines of Singapore. Each of these parishes is under the guidance of a Vicar, a clergy appointed by the Bishop of Singapore to act on his behalf, embodying the very essence of the term "vicariously." The diocese's parishes are thoughtfully organized into Area Groups, fostering synergy and collaboration as they collectively strive to fulfill the New Commandment and the Great Commission. With a rich history of church-planting, the Diocese of Singapore has extended its benevolent reach to encompass a wide spectrum of services, including education, healthcare, and social support not only in Singapore but also in the neighboring regions.

The diocese is currently led by the Right Reverend Dr. Titus Chung, succeeding the esteemed Bishop Rennis Ponniah, former vicar of St. John's-St. Margaret's Church. Their leadership reflects the diocese's unwavering commitment to serving its communities and advancing the Christian faith. The Anglican Diocese of Singapore comprises a network of vibrant Christian communities and churches. Prominent among them are St Andrew’s Cathedral, Church of Our Saviour, Church of the Good Shepherd, My Saviour’s Church, and St Matthew’s Church, each playing a pivotal role in fostering faith, community, and outreach.

St Andrew’s Cathedral Singapore (Credit Wikipedia)
St Andrew’s Cathedral Singapore (Credit Wikipedia)

2. Methodist Church Singapore ⛪︎

The Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) stands as the spiritual home for Methodists in the country. With 46 churches spread across the island and approximately 42,000 members, it proudly claims the title of being the largest mainline Protestant denomination in Singapore. Guided by the steadfast leadership of Bishop Dr. Gordon Wong, the MCS is a pillar of the community, offering not only spiritual guidance but also playing a significant role in education. The church oversees 15 schools, 13 kindergartens, and five childcare centers, providing a holistic approach to learning and development.

The roots of the MCS trace back to 1885, a testament to its enduring presence in Singapore. Founded by John Wesley, the church's mission to nurture minds and souls continues to flourish, embodying the values of the Methodist faith. In a dynamic and diverse nation, the Methodist Church in Singapore remains a cornerstone of faith and education, fostering spiritual growth and academic excellence.

Methodist Church Singapore Singapore
Methodist Church Singapore Singapore

3. New Creation Church Singapore ⛪︎

New Creation Church (NCC), affectionately abbreviated as NCC, stands as a prominent non-denominational Charismatic Christian megachurch nestled in the heart of Singapore. Founded in the year 1984, this vibrant community of believers gathers for worship services at the Star Performing Arts Centre, a space that has witnessed countless souls seeking spiritual enrichment and connection. As a testament to its significance, NCC proudly holds membership within the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS), a recognition of its active role in the nation's religious landscape. Notably, NCC was among the select few megachurches featured in a list of Singapore's 10 largest charities, a recognition published by The Straits Times in 2019.

At the helm of this dynamic spiritual congregation is the esteemed Senior Pastor Joseph Prince, whose guidance and teachings continue to inspire and lead NCC's ever-growing community of believers. NCC's unwavering commitment to faith, spiritual growth, and charitable endeavors firmly positions it as a pillar of Singapore's religious and charitable landscape.

New Creation Church Singapore (Credit TripAdvisor)
New Creation Church Singapore (Credit TripAdvisor)

4. City Harvest Church Singapore ⛪︎

City Harvest Church (CHC) stands as a vibrant Pentecostal megachurch nestled within the Yunnan subzone of Jurong West planning area, Singapore. Established in 1989 by the visionary Kong Hee, the church's foundations are deeply rooted in Charismatic and Pentecostal teachings, emphasizing pivotal doctrines such as the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, and the Cultural Mandate.

A congregational member of the National Council of Churches of Singapore, CHC congregates for worship services at its primary church building in Jurong West and also utilizes rented hall space at the Suntec International Convention Centre. The congregation's faith and dedication have propelled CHC into a noteworthy position, as it was among the trio of megachurches featured in a prestigious list of Singapore's 10 largest charities, an accolade recognized in a report by The Straits Times in 2019.

In its unwavering journey under the guidance of the senior pastor, Joseph Prince, City Harvest Church continues to be a beacon of faith, embracing its congregants with open arms and nurturing spiritual growth and community within the bustling heart of Singapore.

City Harvest Church Singapore (Credit Wikipedia)
City Harvest Church Singapore (Credit Wikipedia)

5. Faith Community Baptist Church Singapore ⛪︎

Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), an independent charismatic megachurch in Singapore, stands as a testament to the dynamic spirit of faith and community. Founded in 1986 by the dedicated and visionary Pastor Lawrence Khong, FCBC has grown to become a significant presence in the religious landscape of Singapore. With its strong commitment to Charismatic Christian values and teachings, FCBC has created a welcoming haven for believers. The church's message is rooted in the profound doctrines of faith and compassion, and it actively participates in fulfilling its mission, driven by the principles of the Christian faith.

FCBC's influence extends beyond the spiritual realm, as it was one of the remarkable megachurches to earn a coveted spot on a list of Singapore's 10 largest charities, a notable recognition highlighted in a report by The Straits Times in 2019. With Pastor Lawrence Khong's leadership and the unwavering dedication of its congregation, Faith Community Baptist Church remains an essential pillar of Singapore's religious community, epitomizing the values of faith, charity, and unity.

Faith Community Baptist Church Singapore (Credit The Straits Times)
Faith Community Baptist Church Singapore (Credit The Straits Times)

Challenges and Resilience of Christianity in Singapore

During times of war and occupation, the Christian community in Singapore found itself at the intersection of faith and adversity. Severe trials tested their unwavering faith, but paradoxically, it was during these tumultuous periods that their belief served as a wellspring of strength and resilience. As the world around them crumbled under the weight of conflict, the Christian community clung to their beliefs, finding solace and hope in the darkest of hours.

In a rapidly modernizing Singapore, the Christian community faced a different set of challenges. The relentless march of progress brought forth new realities, demanding adaptability. This trait became a hallmark of their journey, as the faithful adjusted to the changing dynamics of society, all while holding true to their core beliefs. In the face of adversity and the relentless march of time, the Christian community in Singapore has showcased an indomitable spirit and an unwavering commitment to their faith, proving that resilience is indeed a defining characteristic of their journey.

Christianity Today

In contemporary Singapore, the Christian faith resonates within a multifaceted symphony of spiritual diversity. Interfaith dialogues and initiatives take center stage in fostering profound understanding and harmony among the nation's variegated religious communities. The tapestry of Christianity in Singapore is a vibrant testament to this diversity.

Here, Christianity defies a monolithic characterization, instead flourishing in a kaleidoscope of Christian denominations, each cherishing distinct practices and traditions. This rich mosaic of faith traditions coexists and collaborates, bridging differences and fostering a spirit of unity.

The dynamism of Christianity in Singapore isn't confined to the church walls but extends to a myriad of community engagement and outreach activities. As the country's religious landscape continues to evolve, so does Christianity, shaping the spiritual and social fabric of the nation and contributing to the collective harmony of its diverse populace. Christianity continues to make significant contributions to Singaporean society. Through charity work, community outreach, and education, the Christian community plays an active role in nation-building.

Calvery Baptist Church (Credit Calvery Baptist Church Facebook)


The history of Christianity in Singapore is a tale of grace and growth. From its humble beginnings to its enduring presence today, the faith has left an indelible mark on the nation's religious, cultural, and social fabric. As Singapore marches forward into the future, Christianity remains a vital part of its diverse and harmonious tapestry of faiths.

Are you interested in learning more about the diverse and unique religions that exist in Singapore? Look no further, as our guide is here to provide you with all the insights you need. From Buddhism to Christianity, Islam to Hinduism, Singapore is a melting pot of various faiths. Our guide will give you an in-depth understanding of each religion's beliefs, practices, and traditions that make them distinctly Singaporean.

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