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Lion Heartlanders at Little India

Inspiring Singaporeans to love Singapore more

Through fun and innovative heritage programs

Rediscover Singapore. Our Way.

Tours with us have evolved! Built around the basic idea that even locals may not know our home as well as we think, Lion Heartlanders aims to create opportunities for all young and old, to experience Singapore passionately.


Our motto and what we provide through our educational tours.

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We Tell...

The Singapore Story

We want to tell the stories of places and people, of struggles and success, and most of all, what makes us proud to be Singaporeans.

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We Craft...

Interactive Activities

We understand that learning is best done through activities and experiences, guiding the participants towards self discovery.

Total Defence Guided Walk

We Educate...

Factual History

Our team of researchers are 100% committed to factual integrity.

We ensure that all our content is grounded in proper research and accurately delivered.


We offer diverse tour programmes for every group and occasion. Tailored learning journeys for students and teachers. Unique experiences for MINDEF, corporate, and government agencies. Need a customized tour to meet your specific learning and national education requirements? We've got you covered!


Speak to our professional team and create a tour programme that is perfect for you.

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"A nation that

forgets its past,

has no future."

- Winston Churchill

Lion Heartlanders


The programme has been instrumental in fostering critical thinking skills among our students and igniting a self-exploration journey as they explore the diverse sites of Little India. Our teachers thoroughly enjoyed the well-planned and seamlessly executed transitions between each site.

Chung Cheng High School

Chung Cheng

High School

on the Little India Learning Journey

Our Past Clients

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