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 National Education
Guided Walks

There’s so much more to discover and learn about Singapore, and about being a Singaporean. Infused with National Education messages, get connected again with our home. Discover fresh insights of well-known places, and explore lesser known sites to fall in love with.
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Hill Street Fire Station

(Civil Defence)    

Ministry of Communications and Information

 (Digital Defence)    

Armenian Church

(Social Defence)

Parliament House & Old City Hall (Psychological Defence)


(Economic Defence)    

Cenotaph and Esplanade Park Memorials (Military Defence)    



The threats facing any nation in the world today can come in various forms. For a well-connected city-state like Singapore with limited depth and resources, the vulnerabilities to both physical and non-physical attacks are even greater. While the country’s foundation of Total Defence is well-defined and established, it is the understanding of this concept by the people that is key to the survival of Singapore during a crisis.


This Total Defence Walk aims to explore the 6 pillars of defence within the city, and reinforce the ideas behind each pillar in a fun and engaging way.


Understand what it takes to defend an island like Singapore and what resources are most critical to us.


Learn what to do in the event of a crisis and how each citizen has a part to play in being prepared for an emergency.


Explore the new unconventional threats that faces Singapore today and what we can do to prevent them.

Guided Walk_1


Cathay Building

(Wartime Media & Propaganda)

YMCA (Torture & Sufferings)

National Museum

(Protection & Security)

Singapore Art Museum (Education)

CHIJMES (Wartime Economy)

Civilian War Memorial

(Remembering our Heroes)



To the current generation, The Japanese Occupation of Syonan-to is a distant memory, a memory that bears little relevance to our lives today. Yet, there are countless lessons from this period that we must remember, and untold stories of bravery and resilience that we must honour.  


This tour is a walk to the sites related to the Japanese occupation within the Civic District. Through our engaging narrative, you will learn about the darkest period in Singapore’s history. Discover your own will to survive, and realise that unity at home is key to our continued peace.


Understand the harshness of daily life, and the scarcity of food in this period. Recalibrate your understanding of money as it was used under the Japanese Military administration.


Experience the fear that the locals felt in the presence of the Kempeitai (Japanese Military Police), and discover the heroes and heroines that stood strong against Japanese torture.


Find yourself standing in one of the “safe havens” during this period of fear. Complete your learning journey in a special dedicated gallery on “Surviving Syonan”.

Guided Walk_5
Image by Yeo Khee
Guided Walk_5

Ocean Financial Centre

(Greening Singapore)

Marina Promontory

(Sustainable Community)

Marina Reservoir

(Water Vulnerability)

Marina Underground 

(Urban Planning)

Marina Bay Sands

(Energy & Waste Management)

Gardens By the Bay

(Garden in a city)



From vertical greens that reach up to the sky, to underground spaces hundreds of metres deep, Singapore had to be creative in using our limited land space. With brilliant foresight, our city planners have designed Marina Bay over 40 years, to be the model for sustainable and liveable cities around the world. Observe how they have adopted environmentally friendly strategies and forged a sustainable future for generations of Singaporeans.


Appreciate the complexities and challenges of designing an urban city that is sustainable and vibrant, especially with Singapore’s limited land space. Explore the extensive use of our nation’s underground spaces and what they are used for.


Recognize the efforts places into the greening of Singapore, why this is important and what the future plans are for growing Singapore’s reputation as a City in a Garden.


Discuss our 4 national taps and how Singapore continues to manage our water needs. Also, water catchment spaces while important are still a finite resource. Find out how this is utilized for other purposes.

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