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"Making Singaporeans love Singapore more."

Lion Heartlanders is a home-grown tour company that strives to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of Singapore's rich heritage among locals. We firmly believe that Singapore's multi-cultural society and its achievements as a young nation are best preserved and celebrated through National Education. By offering immersive and interactive tours, we hope to inspire a sense of cultural pride and identity in all our participants, while showcasing the unique stories and places that make Singapore truly special.

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Veteran Tour Guides

Lion Heartlanders is run by tour operators who’ve been in the tourism industry for years.

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Next-level Local Knowledge

The breadth of our experts’ local knowledge enables them to achieve any of your  National Education needs.

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Social Responsibility and Sustainable Travel

With us, you have peace of mind knowing that your tours are socially responsible and consider the good of the local community.

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